Our self-esteem is noticeable every day in every part of our life – in some parts one´s self-esteem is higher than in others. School, work, all kinds of relationships, interests, the way we see ourselves – those are examples of areas in which our self-esteem can be noticed in being high or low. Low self-esteem can show itself for example by doubting every decision, getting angry easily, experiencing the emotion of being worthless, giving more attention to the weaknesses or struggling with saying no.

When is it time to start working on getting a higher self-esteem?

The answer to those question is quite simple: as soon as one suffers from having low self-esteem either in one or more parts in his or her life, it is time to work on increasing the self-esteem. Also it is healthy to focus on distributing the self-esteem evenly in ones parts of one´s life. If one´s self-esteem depends on just one part of his or her life, it can be pretty overwhelming, as soon as this area (suddenly) breaks away. If that happens, it can feel almost impossible to raise self-esteem on one´s own. Raising self-esteem is possible and no one should suffer from having a low one and/or should have to get through it by oneself.

How to increase your self-esteem

If you are not satisfied with how high your self-esteem is, we can work on it together. I have the expertise for raising low self-esteem from a psychological part of view and you have the expertise for yourself. That way we can work on increasing your self-esteem professionally and personalised. I focus on creating a client customized consultation, in which we will find out in which area your self-esteem is low and has a certain effect on you. Furthermore we will work on accessing your resources in which we will develop suitable solution-oriented strategies for achieving your individual goals. Come and make a non-binding appointment I am looking forward to meeting you!

Further Self-esteem relating FAQs

How can I increase my self esteem? 

Having a lack of self esteem can lead to mental problems (i.e. anxiety or depression). People with low self esteem can also have a low opinion on themselves. To have a healthy self esteem it is important to not only work on one part of yourself and your life. It is important to have a positive attitude towards yourself and your skills, to have a positive way to communicate with people and to have a good and positive social network. However, sometimes it can be hard or even impossible to work on increasing your self esteem by yourself. If working on parts of your life and yourself does not work on your own, we support and encourage you to acces your ressources and develop suitable strategies.


Make an appointment for a first session, so we can find out together what kind of support would suit you best.